Saturday, March 13, 2010

Am I The Only One Who Thinks Disney Is Awesome? Just Kidding!

Hello Disney Lovers! Okay, so I think maybe i did the craziest thing anyone has ever done..... or maybe I'm just taking it like that! I have an Ipod and i have it filled with disney stuff like podcasts and songs..... so, i needed some more space in my Ipod to put more disney things and I deleted everything that wasn't Disney!! I actually feel more like a Disney Fan already!Haha! Im actually glad i did it because now i have more space for things. Anyway if you have a crazy story like mine share it with me! Oh! And before i go, if you want to know some good disney podcasts my top 2 are Bringing Disneyland Home podcast and The Big D podcast. Well keep checking back and ill keep you posted on all things Disney! Remember.....It All Started With A Mouse!

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